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...having watched my first Senators game of the year:
Tonight's snaps go out to:
You know how crazy it is in golf every couple of years with the American guys trying to qualify for the Ryder Cup? Imagine then that those 12 guys went on to play a round-robin match play tournament; that the top 3 in the round robin made the "playoffs"; and that the winner of this whole thing got to play for an Olympic Gold Medal in Golf.

Yes, the competition in the Olympic Golf Tournament would be difficult, but clearly, qualifying as the U.S. "player" would be even tougher. That's basically Canada and curling in a nutshell. Kleibrink was down by 2 going into the 10th end this afternoon, and scored 3 for the outright win. As part of the final ceremonies, Team Kleibrink was actually asked to take off their Team Kleibrink jackets and put on some new ones: Canada. It got a little dusty in here for a minute.

Sunday it's Gushue/Russ v. Stoughton for the men's Olympic berth. I'll be cheering for Stoughton, but I'll be happy with either.

Flames get to take their 40 points in 31 games and enjoy a week off. Next game is next Saturday, hosting Boston. Look forward to a lot of filler on this weblog. Go Flames, and goodnight.


I want Gushue to win, just because I so want to see Russ Howard at the Olympics. He will blow the roof off the curling arena.

While I like Stoughton, he won't bring nearly the same level of excitement to curling as Howard's moose calls.

I'm not sure I followed you: do you think Spezza would be better than Crosby or not?

Nevermind, I just saw the question mark.

Also, it got dusty here too, until they unveiled the Canada jackets that were blue and white. Blue and white? WTF? Since when did Canada have the same colours as Finland and Greece?

Call me an old fuddy-duddy, but Canada's official uniforms should, at bare minimum, contain the colour red.

Blue and white?

Umm, Alfredsson wasn't even playing on the first line for like the first month, and Spezza and Heatley were still lighting it up. He may have been in charge last night, but your point isn't exactly scientific.

I stand corrected, Andy. I just remembered the accounts from Game 1 v. Toronto where they moved Alfie up into "Bochenski's place" and they scored a couple.

Anyway, I'm not that impressed with Spezza.

Yeah the unis are nowhere near as cool as what we saw in the last couple of Winter Olympics (and the scarf was kind of red, but I hear you). It's all part of The Bay's ongoing campaign to become every Canadian's least favourite place to shop.

I wonder if Russ Howard would become some kind of Italian folk hero?

Spezza was also bad in Vancouver the night before, but it was mentioned on the HNIC broadcast that he was hurt and was a game-time decision to even dress for the Calgary game.

Me thinks there's probably a lot more to his game than we've seen on this Western swing.

All I know from these last two games played out West is that the Senators sure look a lot less like a "team of destiny" once they stop facing all their cushy intra-division opponents.

And I wouldn't call Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo or Boston (well, at the start of the season) 'cushy intra-division opponents'.

Plus they lost Havlat for the season.

Am I the only one who clicked on this thread, forgot the curling references immediately, and wondered why Sacamano was talking about Blaine Stoughton in the first message?

Yeah, I probably am...

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