Saturday, December 31, 2005


Flames Game Night

What's this? The Oilers are in town? Yo Ho Ho! What a jolly way to spend New Year's Eve: watching the Flames trash the Oilers on Our National Broadcaster.

This time, once the Flames get up by two goals, it'll only get better from there. Prediction? Oh, how about 6-0. (In regulation).

Also, I should mention: every word of Sacamano's epic tale of adventure at the Saddledome, recounted below, is true. Exchanging barbs with Ken King, tugging on Harvey's tongue, and sitting in the freaking owner's box wearing his Oilers sweater. That such a "lucky" series of circumstances should involve Sacamano is actually less surprising when you know him. Clean living, baby.

Anyway, here's the photographic evidence from Tuesday. Good times. Thanks, Matt's wife! And as for tonight, GO! FLAMES! GO!


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Battle of Alberta...unmasked!

That's quite the herd of Calgary Flames fans to take to the game. At least Sac was representin'. And apparently, the owners' box is comprised of unhappy eldery women and a young guy from the Strokes. We're still looking for the Harvey the Hound photo, though...

Matt, thank God you're back.

Go Flames

Wait--the Harvey thing actually happened too??? That's too cool for my brain to process.

Oh it happened. It was right when I was getting the brunt of the abuse from the drunk teenaged Flames fans. Harvey came bounding up and rubbed my head in some sort of pseudo-headlock.

His tongue was just hanging there. I actually understand why it was so tempting for Mac-T to yank out.

As I said, however, it is in there pretty firmly now.

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