Thursday, December 01, 2005


Flames Game Night

The Flames meet the Shanahan and the Wings tonight in Detroit (530 MST, PPV) for their 3rd matchup of the year. The meeting in Calgary two weeks ago was possibly the Flames' best game of the season; the meeting in Detroit in the season's third game was almost certainly their worst.

Legace is still out, so the boys will be shooting on either Chris Osgood and his 3.25GAA, or something called "Jimmy Howard", which sounds like a character in a bad war movie.

Detroit's home PK% is a pretty mediocre 82.4% (19th), which may provide an opportunity for Calgary's PP, and offense in general, to get untracked. (Of course, Calgary's road PK% is a league-worst 74.0%, thanks partly to the 5 PPG they allowed last time they were in Detroit. Better stay out of the box, lads.)

Iginla hasn't scored since his late winner against Minnesota, 7 games ago. I think he's due for another scoring spurt. I'm looking for a 3-2 win. Go Flames.


I see Detroit has started their backup goalie. In fact, this guy is third on the depth chart.

We're screwed. The Flames must have a historical record of something like 4-414 against the other team's back-up goalie.

I stand corrected. We're 5-414 lifetime against backup goalies (Mike 'Chowdaw' Morrison included).

That photo requires an explanation.

Indeed - do you have one?

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