Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Flames Game Day

Tonight (630PM MST) the Flames take on the Detroit Red Wings, and try to extend their winning streak to 8 games. Retired bobsledder Chris Chelios should be in uniform, contrary to this Loyola Phoenix article describing him as "former NHL hockey player Chris Chelios" (though if you're interested in an update on the Greek bobsled team, click through).

There's a funny bit about Competition Committee member Brendan Shanahan in today's Eric Francis column:
The way Brendan Shanahan tells it, he was sitting in a restaurant with teammates, minding his own business while watching Monday's Calgary Flames-Minnesota Wild game.

"There was a bad call and suddenly everybody looks at me," explains Shanahan, pausing for dramatic effect.

"I said, 'What?' and they all started booing me.

Although it looks like he has the same motto as Edmonton's mayor:
"When I get guys coming up and complaining to me, I say, 'Great, if you're so interested, put your name in the hat and in three years you'll be sitting in those nine-hour meetings. I'll be golfing.'"

So there. And in the Herald today, Jean Lefebvre thinks "the emergence of Chuck Kobasew" is the biggest Flames story through one-quarter of the season. I'm loving watching Kobasew the past few games, and statistically, I think we ain't seen nothin' yet. But I can't accept the argument that Dion Phaneuf's play and his five goals are less of a surprise than Kobasew's seven.

Lefebvre says Phaneuf, "was eagerly anticipated by too many to be considered a huge surprise." Naahh. I'd have to check the replay, but I'm pretty sure more pundits supposed a 30-goal season for Kobasew than a 20-goal season for Phaneuf. And every time Phaneuf's been on the ice for a goal against, whether SH or EV, I've taken a decent look at the highlights to try to find fault. Much more often than not, he's been in nice position, and someone else was playing matador (e.g. Wiemer on Minnesota's 1st goal Monday).

Tonight's game is televised nationally on TSN. I think the streak comes to an end with a non-close result, but I hope I'm wrong--and if I am, I think I might start getting pretty excited. Go Flames.


Streak continues. Flames win 4-2 on the strength of Donovan and Kobasew.

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