Thursday, November 10, 2005


Flames Game Day

The Flames take on the Coyotes tonight for the 3rd time already this season, hoping to follow up their perfect homestand with a rare-thus-far road win. Last time out, "The Brick Sit-house" Mike Comrie came off a game as a healthy scratch to score the winner with 1:28 left.

CuJo has always played the Flames tough (although he was just accommodating enough last spring), and for some reason, the Coyotes have just about always had the Flames number -- since moving from Winnipeg, anyway (payback is a bugger).

Unrelated P.S.: Detroit's win yesterday gave them a 22 point on St. Louis in their division. Hobos indeed.

Unrelated P.P.S.: I missed this bit from Allan Muir last week, but chuckled at it today:
An online oddsmaker has made Canada the favorite to win Olympic gold in Turin. The same oddsmaker also went out on a limb and named March the heavy favorite to follow February.

From his lips to the hockey gods' ears, let's hope.


If memory serves, Matt, the Jets beat Calgary 2 out 3 playoff series as well. Those by the way, were the only series the franchise ever won. Not to rub it in or anything.

They might be that the only playoff games the franchise ever won were against the Flames.

They did have the eventual champion down 3-1 in 1990. Although I have to admit that even after Game Four, everybody in town was kind of looking at the Jets as if their dog had just done something cute but vaguely naughty. "Aw, look, it thinks it's people."

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