Thursday, October 27, 2005


Mike Comrie can go nurse his groin

So it looks like it's not just the Oilers who are stumbling their way to the dreaded 8-10 record (nsfw).

Hey Ken: how come the Flames are on a five-game road trip where none of the five games are televised?

- Is it at all embarrassing to you that the Oilers only have 4 games all year that aren't televised?
- Is it at all embarrassing to you that your last news release regarding PPV games says, "A complete Flames’ pay-per-view schedule will be released in late September."?
- Did you know that the #1 Google hit for "Calgary Flames pay-per-view" is a Shaw cable news release from 2003?
- And by any chance, did you happen to notice that so far this year, your team is 3-1-1 when the game is available to Calgarians on cable TV, and 1-6-0 when it's not?

You don't owe me a damn thing, Ken. But your folksy theme about being the head of the candy factory is tasting a little sour right now, considering your inability to actually provide interested candy consumers with actual candy. (Much like last year! Except without 29 other people to blame.)


Hey, at least Iggy looks like he is back . . . well, except for badly missing the net on a potential game-winning breakaway

Is it cruel to mention that every single Canucks game will be televised this year? The PPV crew will be on hand for 18 games.

Good to see that out back-up goalie has game. Why can't the freakin' forwards score though?

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