Sunday, October 23, 2005


Holy Crap!

Terry Jones does it again! From today's article:

"His team on a six-game losing streak. They just soiled the sheets at home. They're heading on the road for 10 of the next 11. The goaltenders are in the toilet."

And Robin Brownlee gets in on the action too.

"Consolidate the poop. Amalgamate the caca. Phrase it however you want."

Even Mac-T joins the party:

"There's going to be big-time changes if we don't get our shit together. Excuse my language. We've got to get our shit together and we don't have much time to do it. Any questions?"

Well, I have one: what's with all the fecal obsessions?


Un-believable! It should be somewhat humiliating to have this pointed out, shouldn't it? You're supposed to grow out of that phase by Age 4.

Terry Jones is still a hack...At least he could quoted Monty Python bring out the dead....

The paper I work at wouldn't print any of that.

The paper I work at wouldn't print any of that.

I don't think my high school paper would have printed any of that.

Look at it this way, if--god forbid--you ever lose your job at the Globe, you shouldn't have too much difficulty landing another one with the Sun chain.

Of course, maybe they would expect you to write like that.

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