Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Hockey Songs

This started out as a comment over at Sports Matters, who have put up a list of Sports Songs, but it got too long so I thought I better put it here instead.

Strangely, very few of the songs they have listed are actually about sports. I guess being played in a stadium is all it takes. But then, why don't they have Celebration by Kool and the Gang which must be, by far, the #1 played stadium song ever -- especially since Gary Glitter was discovered to have "an appetite for child pornography that was, bluntly, voracious."

In any case, I been putting together a Hockey Album for some time. Here is what I have so far. Suggestions are welcomed:

The Pre-Game Show
• Editorial - Bob and Doug McKenzie
• Hockey Night in Canada Theme - The Shuffle Demons
• Drop That Puck - The Zambonis

First Period: Odes to the Game and its Players
• The Good Old Hockey Game - Stompin’ Tom Conners
• The Hockey Song - Jughead
• Hockey Song - Organized Rhyme
• Wayne Gretzky Rocks - The Pursuit of Happiness
• Wayne Gretzky - Goldfinger
• Clear the Track, Here Comes Shack - Douglas Rankine & The Secrets
• The Ballad of Wendel Clark - The Rheostatics

First Intermission:
• Here Comes the Zamboni - The Zambonis

Second Period: “There’s Always Room on a Team for a Goon”
• Hit Somebody - Warren Zevon
Georges Laraque vs. Rob Ray - Call by Rod Phillips and Morley Scott
• Hockey Fight Song - Chuck Brodsky
• Me Like Hockey - The Arrogant Worms
Patrick Roy vs Chris Osgood - Call by ?
• Hockey Fight - Lummox
• Lost my Teeth - The Zambonis
• C.C.M.P.S. The Helmet Song - The Zambonis

Second Intermission
• I Wanna Drive the Zamboni - The Zambonis

Third Period: More than Just a Game
• Hockey - Jane Siberry
• Big League - Tom Cochrane
• 50 Mission Cap - The Tragically Hip
• Fireworks - The Tragically Hip
• Russian Pop Song - The Zambonis
• Hockey Holidays - The Zambonis

Postgame - I Can’t Believe We Lost, Wanna Go Back to My Place and Puck?
• Hockey Sucks - Hanson Brothers
• Frozen Puck to the Head - Captain Tractor
• The Referee’s Daughter - The Zambonis
• Great Zamboni of Devotion - The Zambonis

Note. I will not entertain thoughts of including any songs from this album.


See if you can find a copy of "Me Like Hockey" by the Arrogant Worms and check it out.

I think I already included that one.

If you actually READ my post, you will note two things. One, "Celebration" is on Eric Neel's list, and I was pointing out ones NOT on the list. As well, I was talking about pump up songs, not songs specifically about sports. You can't complain that I didn't talk about it when it wasn't what I was covering.

Good list, tho.

the lyrical content isn't all hockey, but a band called hockeynight has some schweet choons

Dude, I don't have time to actually read posts, nevermind read all the linked stuff? I just look at the titles and then post nasty little comments. I find it saves a lot of time.

You too? Whew. I thought I was the only one.

No "Big Leagues" by Tom Cochrane?

It is right beside Celebration.

Excellent post.

Dave Bidini (of the Rheostatics) recently performed a song in my town of Waterloo about Brian Fogarty. Pretty long, and told the story fairly straightforward, but if it's ever released, it'd be one to include.

Nice list, but I have one nitpick: I don't think the Hansons would ever record a song about their fave sport and way of life sucking. You probably mean "Hockey Sucks" by The Sweaters, which was on one of a couple Puck Rock comps put out by said Hanson Bros.

My favourites from volume 1 were that Jughead song and the classic "What's Wrong With Lumme?" by Glenn Ford and The Piers. Fun listen if you ever were to see a copy in the bargain bin.

"Don't want no karaoke
Don't wanna do the hokey pokey
Fry up another smokie
It's hockey night to-niiight"

- Hanson Brothers

Nice work folks. This is exactly the kind of stuff I need.

Warren, you are most certainly correct about the Hanson Brothers.

Warren, wasn't it called "Bad Day For Lumme"? I seem to recall the rhyming chorus.

"It'sa - bad day for Loom--may!
Bad day for Loom--may!"

"The other guy just scored a goal
Now his team is in the hole
He was the last to touch the puck
Has he ever considered being a Mighty Duuuuck?

Bad day for Loo-may
It'sa - bad day for Loo-may
It'sa - bad day for Loo-may
What's wroooong?"

etc, etc.

You're right about the chorus, but the title is WWWL.

I think there's a band from Quebec called "The Dale Hawerchuks" or something to that effect. They got to have some hockey songs in their repetoir.


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