Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Enough Jibber Jabber

Season Record: 0-0-0 Season Record: 0-0-0
Head-to-Head: 0-0-0 Head-to-Head: 0-0-0
Stanley Cups: 5 Stanley Cups: 1

Let's do this thing.


It's time to bring it! Calgary is going DOWN this year!!

This isn't a proper "Battle of Alberta" blog until someone posts about the number of goals scored by Steve Smith (for the Flames AND for the Oilers, and for the Flames).


It's not like it's a forbidden topic, but Smith has pretty much been off the hook, heckling-wise, since his stint as Flames A.C.

The goal in question, biggest in BofA history for the Flames, was "scored" by Perry Berezan.

I am non-partisan where Alberta teams are concerned, but I gotta say, I watched Saturday's game, and if I were an Oiler fan I would be pretty worried about special teams. The power play was terrible!

Are you worried?

Berezin wasn't even looking when it happened. Here is his quote from "The Best Game You Can Name":

"With about nine minutes left in the third period, I was on the latter part of my shift when I got the puck near our bench. I stepped over the red line, dumped it, and turned to change. Before I could find a seat and with my back to the play, I heard a lull in the crowd and a handful of guys on our bench going, 'Ya!' I asked what had happend and someone told me that I'd scored to break the tie. I asked, 'How?' and everyone said, 'I dunno.'"

Berezin also played on the St. Albert Saints for Doug Messier, Mark's dad. He remembers Messier tracking down the Saints bus at about 2 in the morning one night, looking for his dad. He actually forced the bus to turn off the road. He had just scored his 50th goal in a season (which he never duplicated) and wanted to share it with his dad.

I hate Perry Berezin.

>Steve Smith (for the Flames AND for the Oilers, and for the Flames)

Wasn't he one of the worst defencemen ever for the Calgary Flames late in his career? This guy is an Alberta killer.

As for the goal, I missed it. I still remember coming back from taking pee only to have my parents explain to me what happened. "Well now we can cheer for Calgary." Noooo! I was devastated.

Discussion of the worst Flames defenceman ever begins and ends with Trent Yawney - with the possible exception of Kari Eloranta.

I'm not sure whether I should admit this but that goal was, and remains, perhaps the most excited I have ever been in my life.

As a Flames fan at the time, I can vividly remember lying in bed after the game and being so pumped up that I was totally unable to even think about sleeping.

Just goes to show, I suppose, that you can take the boot out of the cowpie, but something always seems to stick to the bottom

I was standing eighty feet behind Grant Fuhr when it happened. And I'm still not ready to write about it.

I just watched the Flames lose to the Wild (WTF, Wes Walz?!?!), and I somehow managed to not throw my TV through the window in a rage, although my dogs are still cowering under the bed from my colouful critiquing.

They sucked. More specifically, Hamrlik sucked. A lot of them sucked, but Hamrlik REALLY sucked. AARRGGHH!!! 3.5 million!!!

One bright note - Dion Phaneuf.

Actually, the Flames redeemed themselves a little in the third, but not enough to overcome their two periods of sucking.

Maybe I'm just p**sed because my 4th round pick in my draft - Sundin - is already injured.

Man I need a beer. Or maybe an Asprin.

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