Friday, October 14, 2005


7 years

I have no way of linking or confirming this, and even with a fantastic database it would be tricky to confirm, but: as I recall, there was a period which I think was roughly 1983 to 1990 where not a single team went through Calgary and Edmonton (or vice-versa) and earned 4 points. Part of this has to with the no-OT rules of the time, but a lot of it is a testament to just how good the Flames and Oilers were through that period. Remember, every team in the NHL (i.e. 19) played both teams in Alberta every single year, and most of them did it consecutively at least once. To think that there was a streak of well over 100 where "foreign" teams failed to gain two wins is rather remarkable, I think.

Which is a long and indirect way of saying, I suppose, that the Dallas Stars are probably still pretty good this year. A few other thoughts from tonight's Oil-Stars game:
Suddenly, tomorrow night's game looks like a very important win for both teams.


Caramba. Our #1 centre goes down and they call up... Kyle Brodziak?

I can only assume that they are anticipating a physical game and/or Stastny's injury still isn't where it should be.

Has Kevin Quinn described a missed slapshot as anything as 'whistling wide'?

If Jussi isn't our number 1 yet, he should be soon. Conklin has been awful this season. (His play against Anaheim was negated with those two goals)

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