Thursday, September 15, 2005


Too old to be a Leaf? Pah!

Although Ron Francis has retired, and was respected by all, he will not be missed. The most overused word in discussions about Francis is underrated; when this theme goes on for 15 years, it becomes self-evidently ridiculous. History will hold him in the exactly the regard which he is owed: talented, durable, good character, and not one of the giants of the game in the slightest.

Earnest Hartford Whalers fan site here; listen to Brass Bonanza here, or one of 13 other versions here.


Those are fighting words. Next you are going to start talking trash about Kevin Dineen, and then it is go time!

20 seasons of more than 20 goals. Nuff said.

No way, I love Kevin Dineen. Now there's a guy who was underrated! (Briefly, anyway, until he became overrated, which is how these things seem to go...)

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