Thursday, September 29, 2005


Payday in June?

My bookie is offering a few interesting proposition bets on the upcoming season (screencap below; you need an account to view odds).

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First we have "The Winner of the 2006 Stanley Cup will be from": USA (-380), Canada (+300). So, if you're sure the Sens, Flames, or Canucks will win the Cup, but can't decide which one, you can still quadruple your money here.

We also have "Team to get Most Points": Montreal (+130), Toronto (-150). This seems more than a little out of sync with just about every NHL preview I've seen, which are at least somewhat optimistic about Les Habs, while uniformly pessimistic about the Blue & White.

Strangest to me, though, is "Will Sidney Crosby win the Rookie of the Year?": Yes (-400), No (+320). I don't think you have to be overly skeptical of Crosby's prospects to say that this is nutty. If I bet No, then any other rookie in the league can slightly outperform him to win the Calder, and I more than quadruple my money. If I'm positive that this won't happen, I have to bet $40 just to win $10.

I'm sure most readers have seen more of Crosby than I have, and maybe this seems reasonable to you. Me, I wouldn't even lay money at -400 that he'll be healthy for 70 games this year; it just seems like a bad bet.

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