Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Kip-per! Kip-per! Kip-per!

That's it, really. Hey, when's the last time you remember a goalie's save percentage over the course of an entire period being 20%?

Premium memberships still available, Oil fans.


You are really getting that excited about pre-season results? Really?

Congratulations on beating a team of Oilers AHL call-ups, Calgary. But gloating over preseason stats? Now that's sad. Might it alarm you to know our third stringer Mike Morrison has played better than Kipper in the preseason? No? Enjoy the victory for now...Flame people.

Touchy! I don't care about the victory, but I am heartened by Kipper's performance, and, uh, heartened, by Conko the Clown's performance.

Maybe, as mike's colleague suggests on CinO, it's actually Juicy who's the answer. Maybe, as mike himself suggests, Mike Morrison is the answer! Maybe Conko's just getting warmed up. Don't know, don't much care. I DO know that I'm a lot more comfortable with the Flames' goal situation than you can plausibly be with the Oil's.

Meh. From the sounds of it Conklin was the game's first star through the first two periods. The first goal was a wack out of the air, and the second was a lucky deflection off Stoll's skate.

After that, it sounded like the whole team packed it in and none of the goals sounded particularly soft. Greene gift-wrapped two of them for the Flames forwards.

Having said that, I've always been more comfortable with Jussi.

I see from the game sheet that Bergeron was on for all 4 EV goals against, as well (Greene for 3, I think). Not sure how they fit in to the Oil's plans; obviously my hope is, "prominently".

I'm pretty sure that with his performance last night Greene punched his ticket - not that there was any doubt anyway.

Besides, Morrison leads the league in both GAA (0.48) and SV% (.978). No problem at all.

>I see from the game sheet that Bergeron was on for all 4 EV goals against

Ouch. I've always wondered why he doesn't play the wing since he's too small for a defenceman.

Meanwhile, I'm forced to read second hand reports about the game at work...Sat's Oilers game is on PPV but not out east. Come on NHL network show an Oilers game!

I left this gem with a Flames Fan at work. Kipper may be known as something else if the Flames skid this year. Lets see European goalie, got a big contract, after not many regular season games. Ladies and Gentlemen I give u.... TurKiprosoff
My friend was not happy... Go OIlers

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