Thursday, September 15, 2005


Joey Moss Cup

I like Calgary a lot, I really do. But after living in both cities there is no doubt that Edmonton is a better sports town.

The latest example:

Last night's Oilers' Intra-Squad game (aka the Joey Moss Cup) drew 6, 423 fans which, as Shawn Horcoff noted, was more than "we drew in Sweden for any home game last year."

Perhaps a better indicator is that the largest cheer in the shootout occurred when Rob Shremp was announced as a shooter. The guy has never played a game in the NHL, and yet it was obvious that most of the 6,423 fans already knew who he was. That's a big scouting department.

The other indicator was that Chris Freakin' Pronger got booed . . . in an intra-squad game . . . and he deserved it.

It was a typically ugly game, but one thing that should warm the heart of all Oil fans is that Horcoff looked terrific. K-Lowe and Mac-T seem to believe that he will cut the mustard as our 1st line center . . . maybe they are right.


Tell me: is your point undermined because you misspelled "Schremp", or is it bolstered because I had to Google to find out who you're talking about?

I think the fact that you care more about spelling than the evaluation of hockey talent illustrates my point very well.

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