Friday, September 16, 2005


Ice Ballet

Is Eric Francis serious? I mean, really, is he serious?

As they danced across the ice in trios, the second line has Steve Reinprecht centring Chuck Kobasew and Chris Simon -- another potent line capable of scoring in bunches.


Reinprecht is capable of being a solid goal scorer, and Kobasew scored 37 on the farm last season.

Yeah I think he's serious.

About halfway through any EF-penned article, I have to stop and remind myself that I'm not reading The Onion, or some other parody. But he's actually not kidding.

I saw this article too, and almost peed myself laughing. Kobasew? Steve Rice scored 32 goals for Cape Breton in 91. Doesn't mean I would count on him ever being a solid second-liner.

Be gentle. After all, Chuck does have the potent record of 13 goals in 114 NHL games.

The observation is sound; the language is ridiculous.

Taking apart brutal metaphors by Eric Francis and Terry Jones (├×Cosh) could easily be a whole other blog.

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