Thursday, September 29, 2005


Encouraging Signs Dept.

Apart from Kipper's fairly solid preseason (3-0-0, I believe), I'm also liking the number 4. That is:
The roughly 4% PP success rate is less exciting, but whatever.

You can have your Saddlemorgue blasts, Oil fans. I recall at least one season in the late '80s, when that characterization would have been much more accurate, when the Flames went 35-5 at home. I don't care if it's the loudest building in the NHL, only if the Flames are comfortable playing there, and feel like it gives them an advantage. Even through the playoffs last season, they won games more reliably on the road than at home. If the Flames become a strong home team, topping the Northwest Division seems like an inevitability.


4 Sellouts? I don't think so.

That's what Peter Maher said on the radio this morning; 17,439 at the game last night, 4th straight sellout.

Maybe I'm deaf, or we have a different definition of sellout than Pete does.

Well, according to this, the capacity of the dome is 20140.

Of course here it is listed as 18,742, here it is listed as 20,000, here it is 17,104, here it is 17,139, here 17,159.

Hmmm, I'm beginning to see why the NHLPA didn't trust the Owner's numbers. Who can keep up with all of the luxury box additions, etc.

In any case, I bet Peter Maher is probably right.

At its peak, when the nosebleeds were always open (approx. early '90s), the capacity was definitely 20k and change. Now, it is definitely 17k and change, although the number I quoted was from memory, and I have trouble remembering how old I am.

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