Friday, September 30, 2005



Over at the Battle of Ontario, the Sens' pimps have the early lead in the Smack department. Here's Don on the Leafs blueline crew of McCabe, Kaberle, Khavanov, Berg, Colaiacovo, and Belak:
The downside is that when you have this many Norris contenders on one team the votes tend to get split.

Pow - I wish I had thought of that (there's an Oilers goaltending analogy in there for sure).

Jim Rome's hilarious Jungle Smacktionary here. Check it to at least 'D' (for "Dionne Ewing"); if you're not laughing by then, you're probably not having a good day.

Last thing -- Eric McErlain notes the origin of the Three Stars. I'm a hair too young to have known it from direct observation, but I doubt that it's common knowledge among any age group.

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