Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Edmonton Oilers are a grim spectacle

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Agreed. Thanks for posting here, Mike.



Tambi was wearing clothes, so I'm assuming that's the wife's department.

Mike W: this one killed me and I always love your cartoons:)

"Geez Louise we've got a lot of fast food here."

I'm really interested in knowing if Mike sent someone to scout out the Kingsway food court to see what restaurants are there, or if he's just working from memory. The list is pretty damn accurate, as far as I can recall.

Amazing stuff Mike! These should be an ongoing series.

Did Shumka's close?

Hilarious. Please keep them coming.

What - Tambi's secretary uses a computer? Are you sure that is that actually allowed at Oilers HQ?

I thought that it was still just typewriters and fax machine, except for the two guys with blackberries.

Pure gold. It'll never happen, but I think the Journal should be running these. I would have to guess that Lowe is in charge of lunch orders. "Director of Lunch Orders Lowe".

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