Thursday, December 20, 2007


Uh, is Safeway big in St. Paul?

Naturally I was hoping for a Rangers win tonight, but big, Big upz to Marian Gaborik for being the first guy in 11-ish years to score 5 goals in a game. (He took an elbow for a 5-on-3 late, and was on for the 2man PP, aiming for his 6th. I'm sure Michel Therrien wouldn't approve, but I think Lemaire had the right idea.)


Safeway score and win!

Exactly -- did some 10,000-Laker win a million bucks tonight?

Um, the Leafs played tonight. Could you lead with that, please?


I generally hate beating the TO-East-bias drum, but fuck... I'm watching the NHL Network, and in the past hour, they've been a lot more interested in what Paul Maurice and Jason Spezza have to say about their losses than Gaborik creating what might be one of the highlights of his HHOF induction video. What the hell?

Exactly. My comment comes from watching TSN. Guess what they lead with, and followed up with, and carried on with?

So who WAS the last player to pot five in a game? 11 years would suggest Lemieux or Bure, but I'm not sure....

It comes up here all the time because of the Safeway Score and Win...Fedorov.

From ESPN, Fedorov in Dec 1996.

They said Federov's fifth was in OT... not that that dimishes it in anyways. Apparently Lemieux did it 60 minutes against St Louis in '96.

Lundquist's toe save at the end of the third to prevent number 6 was a thing of beauty. Did Gretzky ever get six goals in a game?

I think the Canucks PPV broadcast did a better job of talking about Gaborik than TSN. And you all know how fantastically thorough the PPV broadcasts are.

Last year, after I noticed how long we'd gone without a five-spot (or a "Pat Hughes", as we still call it in Edmonton), I was thinking of organizing a pool around who'd be the first to do it in the 20th century. Couldn't figure out a suitable prize though.

Gretzky never got six. The last one to do that would be that Sittler fella in '76, IIRC.

Gretzky's high was 5 in a game, he did that 4 times, all with the Oilers.

Probably one of the most impressive feats I have ever seen was Mario scoring five goals, in the five situations that goals can be scored.

EV,PP, PK, Penalty Shot, and EN.

Not to mention he ended up with eight points that night. Poor Devils, they lost to Mario and the Pens 10-7.

I remember it well because a mate was arguing with my brother and I Mario was a lazy, no talent hockey player.

He didn't say much after that night.

Not sure I'll ever see something like that in my lifetime again, but seeing someone score five always makes me smile.

That knock on Mario was pretty common early on in his career, wasn't it? I felt that way at first, too. Don't know why. Probably just didn't want people saying he was better than Gretzky.

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