Monday, December 24, 2007


God Bless Us, Everyone

Merry Christmas.


Jesus Christ On A Bicycle!



You know, I totally forgot how fun it is to try and guess who everyone is in that Band Aid video. I've just wasted 1/2 an hour.

God love Wikipedia. Not only does it list all the artists. It also breaks down who sings which lines for all three versions of the song.

Did you mean for that second one to be totally depressing? Green - broken ankle, Jussi - gone, Smytty - gone, Sykie - gone ("breaded car" and all).

Damn how excited Smyth looks when he talks about his first Oiler jersey.

The rest is awesome fun though - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Oilogospherians.

Merry Christmas Andy and all you other guys and girls out there in blog land!

Merry Christmas folks.

Happy holidays, all of you chowderheads.


That Smytty comment about getting the Oil jersey pisses me off. And we let that guy go because he's not elite? And then offered his money to a 35-year-old Nylander, and then, alternatively, to a one-miracle-season Souray? yeesh.


I got a mini-McFarland figure of Smytty in an Oilers jersey (admittedly the third but oh well) for Christmas. (Really hard to find here in the East coast - kudos to my Dad for even trying)

Guy at the store told my Dad how it'll be a collector's edition now cause he doesn't play there anymore... good thing I wasn't the one buying it. I think I may have punched him.

Smytty forever indeed! Now he had "gritness"!

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