Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Boxing Day Sale: This Post Has Been Marked Down 83%

Alright, back to work. Anyone hear what the deal is with Hemsky? This "Matty" story tells me nothing other than that he thinks Sheldon Souray is a "stud" on the blueline. Eyeroll. Unless he's talking about Souray making it to the Hot-Off finals, he's off his rocker. Souray has been okay--when he plays--but a stud? Bit much, "Matty." Stick to answering those tough questions you get ("Matty, how do you feel about trading Schremp, Stoll, Torres, Gagner, Lupul, Comrie and three first round picks for Ovechkin, Thornton and Crosby? Good deal for all, right?"). Actually, sorry. Tough job. I know. I should stop whining and just call and ask myself. My bad.

Anyway, Hemsky. Yes, Hemsky. Word? Anyone? Bueller? Will people be watching Steve Stamkos with trepidation today, worried that "Burkie" might get his hands on him? I picture him up in his mountain home, gluing antlers on James Duthie's head, muttering and cackling to himself. And what did everyone get for Christmas? I see that Loxy and Chris! got themselves some nice Oil swag. Can it be topped? Any beauty items people want to brag about getting, or giving? I wish I could say I got Smytty's two front teeth, like I wanted, but the craigslist transaction fell through last minute.

TSN just ran a feature during the World Junior Championships' pre-game show called, "Gritness as Important as Greatness?" I'd say you can't make this stuff up, but TSN just did. Crosby.

Hemsky won't play Thursday against the Ducks, but that's all this story indicates. Master Samwise will take his spot on the 1st line. Looks like Martin Lapointe hit the jackpot on the Colin Campbell Wheel of Justice.


Here's projected standings from Christmas:

Detroit 125
Dallas 102
Colorado 100
Minnesota 98 (47 wins)
Vancouver 98 (44 wins)
St. Louis 97
San Jose 96
Calgary 91
Chicago 89
Anaheim 88
Phoenix 84 (41 wins)
Columbus 84 (35 wins)
Nashville 82
Edmonton 78
LA 58

So Detroit is as strong as ever, LA is as weak as ever. I grouped Phoenix with LA last time. That was clearly a mistake. Calgary's falling back into the lower group of teams. Everyone is competitive enough that even overtime losses won't cut it.

I guess everyone is still shopping. :)

Hemsky's fMRI came back negative.

This is good.

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