Thursday, November 29, 2007


BoA's Wide World of Sports (Links)


• Jim Matheson on last night's stinker against the Avs

• Jim Matheson on the need to sign Gilbert Gilbert

• Jim Matheson on the imminent return of San Fernando and Mr. Glass

• David Staples with an Oilers quarterly report card


• Dan Barnes on a giant Stanley Cup

• The New York Times on Jonathan Tavares

• The New York Times on NHL Goal Judges

• The New York Times on blocking shots


• Joe Posnanski on Herschel Walker

• ESPN on Bo Jackson

• Sports Illustrated on Paul Allen

• The New York Times on Carl Pohlad

• Fire Joe Morgan on Torii Hunter

• The Sports Economist on unbalanced schedules and competitive balance

• Malcolm Gladwell on Kenyan runners

Oldies But Goodies

• Michael Lewis on NFL kickers

• The New Yorker on Scott Boras

• Slate on Sports Illustrated

• Joe Posnanski on Bo Jackson

Read any good sports stories lately? Drop a link in the comments section (but please, don't use it to spam/self-promote).


I haven't had a chance to stroll around the hockey blogosphere lately, so I'd be happy to see any recommended links from that area. Again, though, spamming is to be avoided.

You know what was awesome last night? Wojtek Wolski taking the piss out of Gene Principe in the post-game interview.

First Gene fishes for some praise for the Oilers' 3rd-period rally, and Wolski said, "meh, they got a couple lucky goals."

Then Gene asks if WW thinks Joe Sakic is out of his slump, and Wolski answers (I paraphrase): "Slump? Pfffffttt."

No way. That's f**ing awesome. Too bad Kinger seems to have died. We used to get that video within minutes.

MacT pretty much said the same thing about the 3rd period goals in the first Matheson article, saying the Oilers only scored them because the Avs had "stopped playing."

I love the picture of Allen and Gates in the SI story. They are two of the richest people in the history of the world, and they still look like Homer's "Knights Who Say Ni!" buddies from college.

One of the more interesting items I've read recently is from Sabermetric Research. The author did some nice detective work tracking down why baseball players whose names start with 'K' are more likely to strike out.

i liked the article on nfl kickers. the crappiest job in professional sports for sure. you either do your job or you're the reason the team lost....there is no in between and there is no love. the article got a little long and little too in depth into adam v but the overview of career ending kicks was great.

"People forget this is his tibia, which supports four/fifths of your body weight," said Lowe. "This was a substantial break of a substantial bone. This wasn't his fibula. It's slow-healing."

Forget? I don't think we were ever told. Last I heard, it was his foot.

For fuck's sake, the Oilers' official website says it's his foot. But I guess it's all the fans' fault for not knowing. Lord knows it couldn't possibly be the fault of the team.

Leg, foot...same shit, amirite?

Seriously, though, I've spent the past month thinking it was a metatarsal, as you often see with shot blocks. Also, I'm pretty sure the tibia supports 90% of the weight, not 80, but hey, Lowe never took biomechanics in university, I'll cut him some slack.

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