Sunday, September 16, 2007


New Oilers' Jersey Officially Released

The wait for the official release is over. Here's Dustin Penner in the new Oilers jersey.

Picture taken by Greg Skafte at the Joey Moss Cup.

Here's another one from the Oilers' mainpage.

I really don't like them. I'm sure they will grow on me, but right now they look like the Islanders' uniforms. Or practice uniforms. They just don't sit right. Full photo gallery here.


Argh! The half stripes around the arms bug me!!!!

I hate the Oilers, but I'd put that jersey Top 10 right now. Maybe Top 5: Hawks, Wings, Leafs, Rangers.

Again, here's the official releases. The old ones should probably be up there some time soon, as well.

It just looks like there's something missing. At least they didn't make a balls of the pants/socks combo a la the Falmes.

Well we can't see the back of the socks in those images, so it could still be nasty.

In more important news. Did the Oilers win?

Look at the post below, Sac.

Now that I've seen the whole ensemble on actual players in game action, I think they're okay - nice clean look, no glaring changes. Still think they need something on the shoulders though. I find I'm already past the arm stripe thing now.

they look pretty good up close and personal. here's a few pics:

I hate that vertical piping. Just hate it.

But vertical piping makes you look sleek, slender, and sexy.

Unless of course you're the average beer gutted hockey fan =).

It makes the logo look awful. The spacing is all wrong. Check out the pic of Gagner in the photo gallery. does make the logo sorta stand out more *ugh.

All I know is, I'm not going to be seen in one of those things anytime soon.

What are the odds of the NHL going back to the 'retro' look?

Ridiculous. The fact that the Oilers used one of RBK's canned templates (Columbus, Florida, etc.) irks me, but to use the one with the apron strings. Awful. There's no way this uni is top-10. It may as well be a practice jersey since it's indistinguishable from another half dozen in the league.

CTV had some footage of the Oilers store pretty much packed to the rafters with people buying those new crap jerseys. Don't fool yourselves. Its all about the cash baby.

Looked like Rexall was pretty full for today's intra-squad errrr "Joey Moss" game. Gotta love the hockey fever here. EIG could show 60 minutes of Knob Hockey and people would buy every seat in the house.

That's because that would be completely awesome, though.

Actually, they're starting to grow on me. Not putting the numbers in the gap left by the stupid half strips is pretty unforgivable, though.

Given enough time, a fungus could grow on someone, too.

The half-stripes are stupid beyond all belief.

Apparently the jersey length is also uneven. It's longer in the front and back than on the sides, I guess so it stays more form-fitting. Brutal.

I'm assuming the blue helmets with white tops is just a training camp thing? Jesus Christ, I care way too much about this.

Not putting the numbers in the gap left by the stupid half strips is pretty unforgivable, though.


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