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Train Wreck

If you haven't been checking out mc79's blog at The Score, well, I don't know if I'd say you've been "missing out" exactly, but you've cost yourself a few laughs. He has managed to pretty much unhinge the Flames guy (who I was hoping to like, but who lost me when he referred to Jeff Friesen as a "proven goal scorer" without adding the words "in junior", P.S. Friesen is 30 years old).

This post about the Habs' UFA defencemen is something to behold; Tyler makes a pretty concise, straightforward case that while he doesn't really know (or care) what the Habs should do, you might not want to sign Souray to a long-term contract where the dollars are based the spectacular season he's having at age 30. I suppose you can take or leave that argument, but this comment is just bizarre:
...Maybe instead of whining and making excuses, put some effort into it and do some research.

I apologize to everyone for making this comment personal, but Tyler has done nothing but post every four days and degrade other people when he has nothing intellectual to say.

This is what I see as the running theme of Tyler's corner of the site. It's kind of like he's writing in Esperanto: the commenters appear to comprehend specific words and phrases, but are unable to deduce what he's saying as a whole.

The best, Best! though, is this post where he uses a movie reference to hack on Matt Cooke. There's 12 comments in total; the first four take him to task for being a whiner, then they veer off. Not one acknowledges the reference, or that perhaps he had his tongue slightly in-cheek.

Maybe the movie is too obscure, and the reference too subtle. You be the judge:
That's Eight O'Clock At The War Memorial

[...] for the rematch on Tuesday, I'm putting a personal bounty on the head of Matt Cooke. He's the chief punk on that Canucks team. Running Staios well after he's let go of the puck? The ridiculous call he drew at the end of the second. A hundred bucks of my own money to the first of the Oilers who really nails that creep.

Not to brag or anything, but yes, I picked it up. It's not like he's riffing off the Three Colors trilogy or something.

I don't want to cost Tyler his gig, but I think the braintrust at The Score might have picked the wrong guy for their format. I'd recommend to them that they part amicably and replace him with TSN boards poster CityOfChamps_99, he/she would appear to be a better fit.


Slapshot as indie flick? Who knew? The comment boards at the mainstream sports network sites are dismal. I'd suspect the posters resemble Winters' Anonymouse drawing, with about double the Cheeto dust.

I don't want to cost Tyler his gig, but I think the braintrust at The Score might have picked the wrong guy for their format.

You have the ear of senior The Score management? You Steve Kouleas's hairdresser or something? :P

Incidentally, I don't think it's the format that's to blame so much as 99% of the sort of people who hang around major sports-news websites making comments are, well, let's charitably call them "mouth-breathers" and leave it at that. From the Score's perspective, a little bit of controversy means a little bit more traffic, which is nothing but good for them!

My favourite commenter is the one who puts spaces both before and after punctuation, like this . Odd .

Also, today's highlight is this little exchange in the comments:

commenter: There were not many goalies back then that faired any better against the Oilers over a prolonged period of time . Trying to make Vernon look bad just undermines our own teams accomplishments . Ask yourselves - why is Hamilton up in Oiler rafters ? That comment is not meant to belittle Hamilton in any negative way , merely to compare Vernon's appropriateness.

mc79's sister: lovely read - makes it interesting to even a non-fanatic. curious - have you ever revealed that you were a one-time devoted flames fan? and mike vernon in particular was a favorite of yours if i recall correctly.

commenter: Your wrong on both assumptions - i just love the sport ,and what Calgary and others has contributed to it over the years.

Good times .

It's madjam's world, Tyler, you're just living in it.

MC must feel like Bart in that episode where he gets put into a remedial class.

"you mean we are already behind the other kids and we are going to catch up by going slower? That's cuckoo lady."

My personal favourite is MC's choice of heading:

"The 5-1: Calgary sucks; Vancouver doesn't matter"

I agree that the Flames guy is...well...thoroughly mediocre. Is there any other Flames blogger out there that applied for this gig and is now faintly embarrassed that whats-his-face beat them out...

or is it just me?

I'm surprised Tyler opted to do the silly thing, but I'm glad he's having fun with it. The stuff (and comments) he has so far are more entertaining than the rest of them combined.

Although... I'll admit I encountered some difficulty reading much of the others.

hmmmm cheeto dust .

I don't want to cost Tyler his gig, but I think the braintrust at The Score might have picked the wrong guy for their format.

Yeah, but it's hilarious for the rest of us.

I mean, this is just gold:
[The 1982-83] loss was a pivotal moment, one that forged steel out of a team of weak kneed wimps and sent them on to five Stanley Cups in addition to numerous Canada Cup triumphs in which they carried the loser players from teams like Calgary.

By far the most entertaining of the six blogs on the score's website. I just hope none of the morons from there make their way over to Tylers main site.

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