Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I don't think I've ever been that happy for Kiprusoff. Seriously. Also, I think I yelped louder for the Regehr tying goal than I have in a month (approximately, since the Tanguay/Iginla 2-on-1 goal vs. the Canucks). And for tomorrow night's purposes, Goilers.


And for tomorrow night's purposes, Goilers.

Oh Matt, I don't care if Ryan Smyth tragically got ran over by a bus, you never cheer for the Oilers. Ever. Not under any circumstances.

Pseudo fan.

The Oilers play the Wild, Mclea. Matt's cheering for us has little to do with sympathy.

Pseudo fan.

Ever? Bah. I'm a Flames fan much more than an Oilers anti-fan. However, if they're going to lose, I'd be pleased to see another one of those aimless, gutless, dickless performances like Tuesday.

"I know our hockey strategy is sound" - Pat Laforge

The last couple of Shoot Outs you could tell Kipper was deliberately trying to do stuff NOT usually in his repetoire, probably because the book was out on him to back him in and then go high to the stick side. So now he throws in the poke check once a SO to keep the shooters heads' up. Just a beauty save on Bouchard(?) at the end by staying home with that left pad. And Iggy's rightous anger fueled shot that just about went through the back of the net: just great!

I think cheering for the oilers is okay in some circumstances, but you can't capitalize it, or use the lame, one word 'goilers' thing...

Looks way too much like 'goiters' for me, which is just wrong...

And on that note, let's go oilers (one night only)...

I still wish Iggy would skate in faster. I had time to brew a pot of coffee while he was coasting in.

Special thanks to TSN for packing all those commercials into the 3rd period. It really improved my enjoyment of The Most Painful Hockey Game Ever. Until 15:29 of the 3rd period, that is. ;)

You think you were happy? Did you see how difficult it was for Playfair to hide that grin?

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