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Oilers Game Day-Predators

Record: 7-3-1Record: 7-4-0

The "Ex-Oilers We Love To Hate" show continues tonight, with Jason Arnott and the Nashville Predators strolling into town. Nashville has a decent road record, and the Oil have yet to lose at home. Someone's going down, and since the Preds played the Canucks Tuesay night, I honestly do expect the Oilers to win this game.

I was looking back at the Oilers draft picks, and 1993 was a pretty good draft for us. Arnott went 7th overall (is that why he wears #7, by the way?), David Vborny went 33rd, and Miroslav Satan went 111th. Unfortunately, they only played 412 games for us, and won Stanley Cups and had 40 goal seasons somewhere else. But it's at least a moral victory to know our scouts and GM knew what they were doing, right? It's not like they ever did something dumb and took some bum like Steve Kelly over local boys Shane Doan and Jarome Iginla...

Prediction: 2-1, Oilers. Stoll and Mägni Thöroson the Ëlectric Nörseman.


I love this site and you guys have made me a fan of the Oil...but I love my Preds more.

Preds win 4-3 in a 14 round shootout.

I love this site and you guys have made me a fan of the Oil...but I love my Preds more.


Alright Dave, yer O.K. in my books, but you guys were mediocre to good last night and that was just the 'Nucks. Your speedy team is going to have to come out flying if they want to keep it close. 3-1 Oil. Magni Thoreson, Lupul, Hemsky. Zidlicky pots one for the Preds and my pool.

I also have Pool related reasons for cheering for the Predators tonight, even though I would have anyway. 6 points each for Dumont and Sullivan in a 6-0 romp.

Go preds. Go Flames.

"Ex-Oilers We Love To Hate"

So after hating C. Pronger (3 assists) and M. Comrie (3 assists), you plan on giving Arnott 3 assists tonight also?

I tell ya, Grabia, if you were more fond of Oiler traitors maybe Edmonton's GAA would be improved.

For pool's sake... I want a 12-11 result in favour of the Oil.

8 points for each of Sykora, Hemsky, Thoresen and Reasoner.. the other 4 possible points to Bergeron!

And then for Dumont to score 11 goals.

Anyways, I was at the Canucks-Preds game last night. Nashville will have to come out with more tonight to even think about winning in Edm.

Oil 4-2.

Do we really hate Arnott?

He's a bit of a skeez (spelling?) but otherwise, he's no where near public enemy 1 or 2.

Yeah, I'm with Loxy on that one. I have nothing against Arnott. I never did. Of course, I wouldn't let him near my sister either.

I tell ya, Grabia, if you were more fond of Oiler traitors maybe Edmonton's GAA would be improved.

Ya, because there's really cause and effect going on there.

Do we really hate Arnott?

He'l be booed tonight, but it'll mostly be out of habit. He's been gone so long now

But can one of you old buggers back me up that Arnott was loathed by the time he jammed out of here? LT, don't you have a clipping you can provide? Does know one else remember when he publicly stated that he didn't give 100% every night?

I'll back you up Grabia. I hate the sonuvabitch -- and I'm pretty sure that he was already gone by the time I rolled into E-town.

I'm not (that) old, but I can tell you that I don't recall anyone having been dissappointed that he left. Except maybe Arnott's Army, who were either underpriviledged children who got several rows worth of great seats every game, or his own.

I know he said that bit about not trying every night. And he sure as hell played like it. LT, BDHS and Cosh are gonna back Sac and I up. I know it.

I'm in Leiden for a conference. In other words, I'm going to be listening to my first game of the year on intarweb radio. Yipppppeeee.

As always, 4-2 Oil, and Staios gets the trick.

I remember going to an Oilers game at the Saddledome near the end of the Arnott years, right around the time a woman was in the news claiming he was the father of her baby. I am pretty Arnott was getting a hard time in the Edmonton press by then.

My seats were about two rows behind the Oilers bench and the fans around there had bought overpriced Flames and Oilers baby bottles from the Fan Attic and were taunting him with them. And Jason grabbed his water bottle and hosed down the hecklers with it.

The Battle of Alberta. Good times, good times.

That is a beauty event in the history of the BoA. I love it when players interact with the fans.

Remember when the fans dumped beer on the Flames coach, and then some nobody Flames enforcer charged the stands? That was pretty funny, too.

Arnott pretty well pulled a Vince Carter before leaving Edmonton (for god knows what, Sather and Fraser were the absentee management, so it couldn't have been much). If dimwit Gord Miller says Oilers fans have "long memories," Arnott should be booed lustily tonight, even if he isn't with Dallas any more.

I remember it and I remember being a) not all that surprised and b) a little disappointed all the same

Having said that, there's 100 guys or more like Arnie in the league at any given time - Jagr, Kovalev, etc etc.

He was just dumb enough to say it out loud.

Arnott doesn't bother me in the least to be honest - the only guy who I would really boo is Comrie.

And Corson but that's because he's a dick - nothing to do with the Oil.

Yes, Arnott did mention in the paper something to the effect that he didn't have it every night. Course that was interpreted as though he didn't try every night...

And yeah, Arnott was pretty much run out town (booing when he played the puck, etc.). Considering he was pretty much a kid at the time, it was all a bit much. Course then he went on to become a decent player, making the boos look really stupid. Almost "Fraser in Cabo"-like in accuracy...

Would I boo him tonight? No. All in all, pretty much over-blown in my book.

- Rod

Down already. Super.

Pat, you around?

Who the fuck is Vernon Fiddler?

Apparently he's from Edmonton. I don't buy it. He looks like, and his name sounds like, a Newfie the Preds picked up off the rigs in Fort McMurray.

PP looks good. We haven't given up a shorthanded goal with the five forward unit yet have we? So much for the talking heads.

I really should just live blog these things. I end up making 50 comments, anyway.

You know, the last Oiler game I watched, Roli played this bad...

Man, does Blogger decide to not work every time a game is on?

In other news, Malkin scored again.

The enigma that is Ales Hemsky... pretty much sums it up. He looked horrible all night, and then bang!

Bleedin' TVU. Switching to Pit/LA. Blasted. Oh, but Hemmer with one. I'm sure it was a beauty one eh?

In other news, Malkin scored again.

So did Staal. I'd like to see them this year. Thanx for that, Gary Bettman. Way to market your stars. Can you imagine David Stern doing that with Jordan or James?

I'm sure it was a beauty one eh?

Hell yeah. But we look awful. We have no business even being in this one. Just awful in our own zone.

oilers barely hanging on... very lucky to still have a chance at salvaging. inauspicious start. roloson looking soft to start, but seemed to settle down. indeed, the enigmatic hemsky. goddammit, boys, just start winning already. the relative good start good be gone with a loss and the stars next on tap. sigh. the charlie brown existance of being an oilers fan. why do the oilers always have so much trouble with other team's backup goalies. dammit torres, should have scored.


I am around. Listening to Rod and Morley on ol' faithful- Sony Walkman Sport w/groove. I think my "Say Anything" soundtrack tape is still inside the damned thing. Works great when bathing the wee man and putting him to bed while the game is on. Sounds like the boys are starting to turn it up. Horcoff is going to pot one. He needs to.

Roli looked awful on that first goal so I don't know if he has it in him to make a big save should we need one in the 3rd and we probably will.

I guess not. Jesus.

And they play Dallas on Friday. They could be 7-6 just like that.


I agree Dennis. Smyth-Horc-Pisani, Lupul-Sykora-Hemmer for the rest of the game.

...a woman was in the news claiming he was the father of her baby

Come to think of it, Lowe and Co. are notorious for spotting talent- perhaps they have a grander scheme in mind. Maybe a "black ops" scouting/rearing mission. Already things are looking good for the 2022 season if you look at what they have built so far: You have Arnott's baby on the left wing with the one Salo's wife had with Comrie at centre and the notorious baby-Prong on the d. Pepper the rest of the roster with mini-Messiers (from those big hair nights at Club Malibu) and we are looking pretty good. Meanwhile, get them playing early- The Tiny Tim Edmonton Oilegitimates?
The Atom AAA Oilphans?


I think my "Say Anything" soundtrack tape is still inside the damned thing.

"Hey my brother, can I borrow a copy of your 'Hey Soul Classics'?"

No offence, but what the fuck is Tobey Peterson doing out on the ice with 3 miutes left in the game.

And now it's 4-2. Good coaching MacT.

Nice job on slamming "Newfoundlanders" there Andy.

I wasn't slamming them. But look at the guy. Where would you think he was from. Vern Fiddler!?

Exciting finish, but Smytty couldn't kick enough pucks in on this night.

Your Oilers are 1-3 in their last 4, which makes them exactly as awful as the Flames have been in the last week or two.

The Predators look like a pretty good team, though.

Just trade MAB already...

I realize he was far from the only trouble-spot tonight, and he scored finally (hopefully that ups his trade value...). One problem of his (among many) is that MAB just refuses to learn...

4th goal was all his fault--caught deep on the right wing boards in the Preds zone (yeah, RW boards...WTF was he doing there). Instant 2on1. Goal.

MAB scores to get it back within one. There's a chance. Oil win the MAB. Uh oh... MAB fumbles it, and is forced back to the corner, to the left of Roloson. The Oil finally get past their own blueline 20 seconds later. Yikes.

Which leads us to the 5th Preds goal (empty netter). Also all MAB, as he pulled the Cherry analyzed nose picking at the blue line *again* (at least this time he was on the left side...). Not only does he not recognize the puck will get past his partner at the point, he doesn't start skating until Kariya's vapour trail has re-frozen in front of him. Strangely, with a reaction that late, Kariya beats him down the ice to negate the icing...leading to the empty netter.

With the game on the line (ie. with the Oil down by one, late in the 3rd), MAB blew it twice, leading directly to opposition goals.

There's no way Hejda's this bad...

I agree

Oh, I'm not arguing that Arnott was hated before he left. That was definitely the case and not what I said.

However, I am saying that the town's reaction was insane then and the fact that he is still booed today is downright Calgarian.

What problem could you possibly have with the guy Sacamano? Stupid young hockey player acting like a stupid young hockey player? Big deal. Did he drill your sister?

riversq - heh heh

good one


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