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Battle of Alberta -- Season Opener Division

Season Record: 0-0-0 Season Record: 0-0-0


Chill your beer, and warm-up your tee-vees, It's Battle Of Alberta Night, baby! And to open the season, too. What a beauty combo.

The good news is that Playfair is already afraid. He even phoned his mommy for advice. Apparently she thinks that one way to get the Flames more wins is to play Kipper less. I love it! Maybe she will be able to come in and spark up Jarmoe too.

I may be over in the UK, unable to watch this thing live; but you better believe that I'm going to have Rockin' Rod on the Radio.

For the second (is it more than just two?) year in a row, the Flames beat the Oil in the season head-to-head. Not impressive; but tonight is the night that things start to turn around.

Sacamano's Prediction: 4-2 Oilers. Goals by Smytty, Sykora, Reasoner (have I mentioned how happy I am that we got him back), and the object of my new man-crush -- Thoresen. Can you believe that only 4 Norwegians have played in the NHL. Four! I was stunned by that.

Go Oil!

***Grabia late afternoon update***

Hi, Hugh!

Since Sacamano beat me to the punch on the preview (I was half-expecting/hoping he would predict Dvorak for the game-winner, regardless of where he plays), I'll jot down a couple thoughts and leave it at that. Shout outs to the commenters who don't like the completely free and non-mandatory content I am providing them. Hugs and kisses.

• I'm actually going to predict the Oilers lose this game. The reason: they're hanging the Western Conference Champions banner. Our track record is abysmal when we have to wait over 75 minutes to start a game. Funny that. Let's just hope the banner isn't as embarrassingly large as the one the Flames put up last year. I'd like to save room for a banner that matters.

• Anyone want to give the over/under on Kipper getting hurt this year? It's gotta happen, right? Matt would know better, but it seems like the Flames are a remarkably healthy crew.

• Didn't the season just end? Man, I'm still high on the Oilers domination in Game 6, and utterly low on the disappointing effort of Game 7.

• Which begs the question: which Oilers team will we see tonight? The up-tempo, heavy checking, turnover creating, odd-man rushing crew of the playoff victories? Or the floating, no-energy, wait-until-the-last-five-minutes-when-down-by-two-to-try-hard Oilers of the excruciatingly painful regular season?

• Anyone know who is calling the game tonight? If we get Cole and Neale, I may ram-charge my head through the television screen.

• What man-crush do I focus on tonight? Pisani? Traktor Boy? Oh, what do I do?!

• Has anyone else soiled themselves from the anticipation? Hockey's back, baby! HOCKEY IS BACK!!!

Bonus Audio Clip I couldn't embed this file properly into Blogger, so you'll have to do the old fashioned click to link. It's the first time I've played around with editing a mix, so have mercy on me. Hope it helps you get pumped for the game. GOILERS!!!!


Kudos to Sacamano for posting from acorss the sea, but...

How many Edmonton bloggers is there gonna be on this site??

Time to get a few more Flames writers on here for balance methinks. That, or less Oilers coverage (not that I don't LOVE the Oilers...)

I know, this is getting ridiculous... 3 Oil bloggers? Seriously...

Flames win 3-1 tonight, one from Iginla, one from Huselius, and then an empty netter from Tanguay...

And Hemsky scores for the Oil...


Damn you Sac, by putting Thoresen last and declaring him your mancrush, you've almost gauranteed that he will leave Edmonton in shame, snakebitten and with hands of stone. It is the Curse of Dvorak. All who share his place in sacamano's scoring predictions are doomed to failure.

Final score 1-0 in a shoot out

Who are the Norwegians? Knutsen, Tollefsen... and?

This is how excited I am...

4-3 Oil

james - wikipedia says Bjorne Skaare had 1 game with Detriot in 78-79.

As of right now, the 3 besides Knutsen have 6 games total NHL experience.

The Flames have totally owned the Oilers in the last two season. Cgy's a tough mark at home but we can't be giving them so many points at Northlands.

I'd say we start to turn it around tonight..4-2.


The four norwegians are:
Bjorn Skaare (Detroit Red Wings)
Anders Myrvold (Colorado, Bruins and two more(can't remember))
Espen Knutsen(Anaheim, Columbus)
Ole Kristian Tollefsen (Columbus)

Skaare was by far the best of all of them. He only played one game for the Red Wings in the early eightees I think and got injuried in his first game. There was an article on him on, ESPN or Usa Today I think, on how good he was in the minors. His skating and vision was really good. Lacked toughness and was frightened after his injury.

There is a story that he would break into the local ice rink in Oslo at night to practice.

He sadly died in a car accident about fivetheen years ago.

Thanks - I thought that Thoreson was being counted as the fourth. Myrvold's 33 games brings it up to 39 games for the three others.

The best news is that before the game there is a Banner Raising Ceremony, and we all know what that means!

Flames win 4-1.

Can anyone in southern Alberta verify whether Matt is dead or alive? I just want to make sure he didn't go to Head-Smashed-In with the fam-damily and get savagely attacked by the gophers.

I hope the stupid ceremony is over in the blink of an eye. Why are we being like Calgary? Proud of coming in second? No way!

Totally right, the Oil suck on ceremony nights but watch out tonight, they're going to light it up. 4-1 for the Oil.

I hope so Scarlett. I so hope so.

I am still in shock that our season starts in an hour. And giddy as a school girl.

Grabia curiousity is killing me, what song is that before the ACDCish remix portion of it? It sounds like something from one of the rocky movies but I can't put my finger on it.

Forgive me for being crude, but what the FUCK is with CBC showing the news while the game is on!? I may run for MP on this issue alone. I really wish CTV or TSN had the coverage. Fucking awful.

The song is "The Final Countdown" by Europe.

Let's get it on! =)

I wonder if the Oilers buried one of these new coins at centre ice this year? No matter, Go Oil Go!


Oilers Coin:

Flames Coin:

Grabia clearly it was vital that we learned that a developer had a meeting with local residents over constructing a number of appartment buildings as opposed to showing us a banner raising and giving us some pregame analysis. Freaking CBC..

So this whole signing Petr Sykora thing is starting to have looked liked a good idea.

Freaking CBC.



Big difference in the banner unveiling, eh? I love Kevin Lowe.

ugh lames are boring me to sleep, thank god we're winning

The D has actually looked pretty solid tonight aside from the Bergeron hauling down Iginla thing. But then again the offense has been firing and Calgary isn't exactly an offensive juggernaut.

the forwards were helping out our D a lot today, smudging the "lack of depth" quotes into "aw hell i couldn't tell the D apart from the O" good trial by fire for the team. my god i was bored though. goilers!

Just like the exhibition game I saw: dazzling first half, dull second half, followed by a brief spate of excitement at the end. No OT, and more scrappiness (tell me that wouldn't have been a line brawl at the end ten or fifteen years ago), but generally a similar blueprint.

Oh, and we won that one, too. That was the Horcoff OT shortie game.

Oilers had trouble breaking out of their zone and the Shames can only score one goal? A lot of no-shows up front for Calgary. Staios gave 'em one out of sheer pity.

Love the 3 stars write up on the oilers homepage:
3. Jarome Iginla, Calgary
Stopped 32 of 35 shots for the Avalanche.

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