Friday, September 22, 2006


On Notice

I'm actually convinced that Christie Prongley broke into my house for "family reasons," got caught, and fled to California. As such, he is on my "On Notice" list, as well as others I blame for this fiasco.

Thanx to Cosh and Matt for helping out, and to all who sent along the nice comments. I feel much better today. It's not the worst thing that could happen, I know (knock on wood), but it still left us rattled to our core. I'm working on a PC that could explode at any minute, so although I'll probably comment, I won't be posting much. Plus, much of my gold was on the stolen computer, and may be lost forever. Actually, maybe it was Matt and some Flames fans...Can I edit this thing?


I have Dion on mine too! Except that was more of a... Yeah. Maybe you should set up a donation pile?

The wrath of Colbert ought to be enough to put some fear in 'em.

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