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My name is J. Obasanjo and I am VicePresident at the First National Bank of Nigeria. I have recently been trusted with a large number of funds... [cut]

But seriously folks...

As even this site's newest readers are aware, co-founder Sacamano has been promoted to the position of Contributor Emeritus. He's off the grid for the next six weeks or so, then to England, where he will be able to watch approximately zero live hockey games until the end of 2007. He will certainly continue to follow the Oil as best he can, and may post here if and when it suits him.

The problem remains: it's not much of a Battle of Alberta here if it's just a Flames fan (Hi!). As such, I am seeking advice, suggestions, and possibly a volunteer (or volunteers).

As things stand now, I'm still having fun with the site, and intend to continue with it for the foreseeable future. I need some countervailing Oil content. Possibilities include:
Help me with this bleg, won't you please? Comments are open; my email address is at the top left of the page.


Isn't that the same list of possibilities open to decide who becomes Flames head coach?

It's hard to say how to fill in the big floppy shoes of Mr. Sac. I say make the new Oilers rep someone who's been around the blog enough and actually lives in Edmonton.

My vote is for either Grabia or Cosh, if they're willing to post on a blog that's not there's.

This also kind of sucks since Covered in Oil is mulling over a new correspondent since I'll be at school in addition to working next year and simply won't have time for my usual sporadic and uninformed beer-buzzed 3:00 am posts.

I'd vote for Grabia as well if he would be willing.

Guy is hilarious.

I'm trying to keep all my traffic coming through the same front door--otherwise I'd be willing to do it.

It looks like Grabia won't have much choice.... My nomination falls his way and Cosh's way, but if Cosh is out.....

BTW Matt, funny thing. I got a letter very similar to that. All I had to do was give some guy from Angola my bank acct info so he could have some sort of bond and I am now awaiting a cheque for 86 M dollars.

Highly recommend answering that letter, my friend.

I'm on my way to easy street baby!

P.S. Grabia has the time to write here as well, I have it on good authority the guy has a pretty cushy day job. All the time in the world he has.

>on a blog that's not there's.

Sweet god! I wrote "there" when I meant "their."

I should be banished from all blogs.

I have it on good authority the guy has a pretty cushy day job.

Whoever told you that is a liar. A filthy damned dirty ape liar. Being a male escort is tough work, especially with 34 in the belly. You try explaining to a woman that you got knocked up by a Saint.

Hopefully he'll get NASN, they get more games over there then you think; then there's online...

Grabia would be an excellent choice, though Sports Matters may demand compensation in return for us letting him go. I think a sign and trade where we get the first pick amongst next year's group of new bloggers, and a Sacamano post to be written later might work out for both sides.


With the big boo-hoo over the blog loss of Sacamano, and with Flames fans having scattered away like little goblins somewhere in early April, I never got to say what should have been said: good job on the Flames end of the blog, Matt.

A worthy (and profilic) opponent.

It's great news to hear that the Battle of Alberta Blog (aka "The Big Therapy Couch") will open for business in 2006-07.

As an Oil fan that reads daily..I say let Sac pick his own replacement..

What, you don't like Cosh or I, JRM*?

If I know Matt and Hugh--which I don't--I'd assume they had starting talking about this long ago, and have some ideas of what they want to do. And it WAS them who asked for help. None of us wrote this post.

What about Dave Semenko as an option?

Just a stupid friendly thing...

Can he use a Slingbox to watch games online? Would that work? Can you get one? Am I stupid?

I'd say go with Grabia if he'll take the spot. But we have alot of frequent Oil commenters here, I'm sure if both Cosh and Grabia decline someone will step into the breech extra.

I'd say, bring in some free agents for a try-out camp and put them through the paces.

A Slingbox would be easy enough to set up, so he could watch the games on his computer with an assist from someone in the Oilers' Sportsnet footprint, but the standard puck drop at Rexall is 2 am Sheffield time. I know he has the potential for feeding Sacababy in the middle of the night, but regularly keeping those hours might be a bit hard on someone obstensibly trying to work for a living.

Grabia would be fine, now that it appears he's shaken off whatever Whaler love he held.

Cosh's comment reminds me of a thread I saw over at A2Y. There was a discussion about Yzerman's ongoing consideration of retirement. Cosh made a comment, and someone responding to him called him "Colby Cash". Considering what he does and who he mostly works for, I had to laugh, albeit in sympathy more than derision.

I vote for tryouts...with a full signing at the start of training camp. My 2 cents.

Thank you Robert. I did use the word "live" deliberately in the post; no amount of technology will make it a good idea to watch hockey from 2AM to 5AM every other night for 6 months.

The technological potential for my man in Sheffield to see recorded hockey isn't bad at all, but that has its own set of pitfalls too. (Mainly, that non-live sports sucks).

That Grabia guy would be a good replacement for MR. Sac and fits well against Matt.
Cosh, like some other Oiler & Flames fans here, seems to let his irrational hatred for the other team get in the way of rational discussion. Grabia, like Matt, at least sometimes admits it when the other team does something right or his team did something wrong, and it's not always YOU SUCK, YOUR COACH SUCKS, YOUR PLAYERS ALL SUCK, YOUR FANS ALL SUCK.
This comments section can sometimes look like the one at with the stupid back and forth personal insults, but Matt's and Sacamano's topics & thoughts for their posts make this one of the best sports blogs out there.

I say get Al Strachan to provide Oiler commentary. He seems to know what he's talking about.

As a suggestion, you should post more pictures of hot players. You know. For your female audience (we read too you know!)


Photo galleries of Chris Pronger's groin are available at Covered in Oil, grace. (Wouldn't this on a T-shirt be quite a conversation starter?)

Sweet god! I wrote "there" when I meant "their."

You mean they don't contribute to a blog called There Is?

My faith... it's shattered.

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