Saturday, May 27, 2006


Western Conference Finals -- Game V


Okay, it's time to stop fooling around. All the mojo talk was fun as a distraction when the games, themselves, weren't all that interesting; but this series is official real now.

Like others, I've started to develop a real hate-on for these Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Carlyle with his smug post-game interviews, Getzlaf and Lupul with their cocky smirks, Teemu with his wacky catsup similies--I hate them all.

I really think the Oilers were just plain tuckered out last game. Bob McKenzie had a graphic up last night looking something like this, only prettier:

In the last 21 days:
  • Games Played: Oilers 11 vs Ducks 9
  • Days Rest: Oilers 10 vs Ducks 14
  • OT Time: Oilers 42:24 vs Ducks 16:30
  • Plane Rides: Oilers 7 vs Ducks 4
  • km travelled: Oilers 8000+ vs Ducks 4000+
Throw on the flu (No, Randy, it wasn't fake), and that all adds up to a brutal schedule no matter how you slice it.

There isn't a lot of insight needed on this one. The Ducks D has been erratic under pressure all series, and so the Oilers just have to put together a solid 60 minutes of up-tempo, hard-forechecking hockey, and they should win. A quick goal or two on Giggy would also allow me to watch the game a little bit easier.

Prediction: 3-1 Oil (Smyth, Horc, Samsonov).

Go Oil!


Not 4-2, with Devo scoring one of them? Who are you, and what have you done with the real Sac?!

*Wait those numbers don't add up -- road games maybe?

I think those stats are all from the last 21 days, not the full playoffs. He has the stats on his 'column' at

Might be the number of wins each team has in the playoffs.

That's it! Thanks Earl

Yeah Sac, where's the Dvorak love? It... it just doesn't feel right without him. Anyway, I await the inevitable ironic goal by D-vo tonight. Wait a second, that was your plan all along wasn't it?

5 comments? You sucksacks. Congrats, boys, and good luck. Try to generate some enthusiasm, eh?

Earl, everyone is drunk.

I know I am and will be, if that makes sense.

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