Friday, May 19, 2006


Glossary addition: 'Pinto'
Watching Ales Hemsky in the defensive zone is like watching that scene in Animal House where Pinto is smoking the joint with Donald Sutherland. He doesn't really know what he's doing but the older people he looks up (Sutherland, Boone and Boone's girlfriend) are doing it and he doesn't want to look uncool so he goes along with it. Hemsky threw yet another awkward looking defensive zone bodycheck last night, something that's been commented on as this series went along. That shot block in G3 though...that was like if Pinto from Animal House had said "Joints are for children" and then injected heroin into his eye. Good stuff.


"that was like if Pinto from Animal House had said "Joints are for children" and then injected heroin into his eye"

That's some funny shit.

I've only seen about 25 minutes of the Oil/Shark series, but Edmonton obviously did everything right to finish off a pretty good San Jose team. It should be a no brainer that Edmonton, when everyone is playing hard, should beat the Ducks next, but after seeing what they did to Colorado & Calgary I don't know what to think.
One thing though, it seems like the Ducks and Oilers are the only two western teams that have used their entire lineup - all 4 lines - the way they should have for successful playoff hockey. That's how Calgary went to the finals in '04 and the team that continues to do it this year will get there. Pronger and Neidermeyer have to be their usual great selves, goalies have to be at least decent, scoring from at least three lines, and one thing I believe to be underrated, which is smart, tight checking. Frustrate the other team - I think both these teams have done that excellently.

And what the hell is going on in Edmonton? I heard on the radio, and a co-worker confirmed, that there have been multiple stabbings in celebration of Oiler wins. WTF?!
I hope it's exaggerated, and that it doesn't continue. Leave that shit for Vancouver fans. True Albertans carry guns.

That is probably my favourite sentence this month. Great stuff.

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