Friday, December 09, 2005


Friday Fun Link

The FAN960's website has some good audio clips up from the Mike Richards morning show. Best is most certainly The Twelve Days of Christmas, featuring a dozen of his regular impersonations.

I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Two helpful hints:
  1. Yes, Esks coach Danny Maciocia is portrayed as Rick Moranis' character from Ghostbusters ("Ted! Annette! I'm glad you could come, how you doin', give me your coats. Everybody, this is Ted and Annette Fleming! Ted has a small carpet cleaning business in receivership; Annette's drawing a salary from a deferred bonus from two years ago! They got fifteen thousand left on the house at eight percent...")
  2. Yes, the fake Kiprusoff has a hair-trigger temper
My favourite is Darren Dutchyshen (apologies to you furriners who have no idea who he is).

Bonus link: the fake Steve Armitage's take on Edmonton prior to the Grey Cup.


I really don't see why radio stations don't do more of this kind of thing... especially with worldwide streaming audio on almost every radio website, being able to have things like this file-traded around the globe can only help promote the station.

(That TEAM1260 in Edmonton is the former 1260 Oldies station and has the classic Oilers Song parody based on "Magic Carpet Ride" somewhere in their decade-old database as-yet-unavailable is probably my biggest motivation for this grumble)

Matt, Allan Muir of agrees with me in reference to Crosby, Staal and Spezza, and I quote:

"And no one doubts that this trio would add some spice to the offense. But the only spots truly in contention are for the fourth line -- a role for which none of these players is ideally suited -- or the 13th forward.

That final spot belongs to Mario Lemieux. And despite this week's heart scare, it's expected that Gretzky will convince Lemieux of his importance to the club and his ability to contribute. He'll be there."


of course I am referring to the Olympic team, Muir has Smyth and St. Louis guaranteed on the roster. He argues that Yzerman's withdrawl doesn't open up a spot, but simply occurs expectedly and avoids an awkwardness.

I don't buy it. I believe Gretzky when he says that Lemieux's spot is there if he wants it, but I don't believe that he'd try to talk Mario out of "No".

I hate to say it, but Mario has finally gotten old. I don't think there's anything he can contribute to the team that can't be replaced, better, by someone else.

Say what you want about the Oilers old boys network, but they know how to save face for each other.

Gretzky keeps saying in the media that Lemieux can make his own call on whether he goes to Turin or not, but who knows if that's really the case?

If Gretz isn't keeping a spot for Lemieux, he is obviously making these comments to help save Lemieux's reputation among the games elite, and will actually make Lemieux look better if he decides "to take himself out for the good of the team."

Very reminiscent of the Messier story this summer, when Kevin Lowe kept commenting how much interest the Oilers had in Messier, when they had 4 very solid centers coming into camp. Messier got to walk away with newspapers all over the country proclaiming what a big decision he made to walk away while he still commanded interest from various teams around the league.

Was their interest in Moose? Perhaps, or maybe KLo paid his old buddy a bit of a favor and let him walk away with a bit more dignity.

So, is this Lemieux's scenario? I think Mario ends up pulling himself and gets all kind of kudos for it. And Gretzky will talk about what a great leader Lemieux is for giving up his spot when he could have played. Reality?

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