Friday, November 18, 2005


You're welcome, Flames fans!

Postgame, win #8 v. Detroit:
Flames go for #9 on Friday v. Chicago. I have a karma-destroying post in mind already; plus, I hear that Mark Bell can be dangerous.

Ehhhh, what can I say. I knew the risks.

The one actual conclusion I drew from tonight's game: Trent Yawney, I detested you as a player, but you look like you might make a decent coach. Best of luck. -MF


Matt said:

I'm pretty confident that there's a lot of red cards in the Flames' deck, and after their next loss, I'll be just as sure. (Although a 2-goal loss to the Blackhawks would be tough to take)

Or a three-goal loss! :) Curse those Blackhawks...


I'm hoping for a post-Flames win letdown when the 'Hawks visit Edmonton.

Ference looked bad, Phaneuf looked good. Where were the other two Calgary lines again? Oh well.

I can only say that the highlight reel made it look like a figure-skating exhibition with red pylons...

Yeah, some players looked bad (Reinprecht somehow managed an Even rating despite giving away the puck on the 4th (5th?) goal, and generally looked not intense enough to be a good NHLer).

The Flames had 7 powerplays in the first period, including a bunch of 5-on-3, (and no penalties). Clearly it wasn't their day, but it's less than ideal to have your 10 best players standing still and making soft passes for the whole 1st period.

It looked to me like a Red Wings v. Flames game, except that the Flames were the Red Wings, and the Hawks were the Flames. If you follow me.

Colby nailed it. From the second level in the dome the Flames looked exactly like pylons.

The Flames had three (four?) 5-on-3 powerplay chances, in fact the first half of the first period had Calgary up at least one man, and they couln't put the puck away for most of them. Then they seemed to lose all of their energy and the play turned ugly - wednesday night beer-league hockey kind of ugly. missed passes, slow skating, etc.

I give the Hawks credit, though. They settled down after the first and played a very good defnsive game, frustrating the Flames, and capitalizing on their offensive chances.

Still, it looked as though the Hawks were running through drills at practice.

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