Saturday, October 22, 2005


Some crap I've been meaning to mention...

Terry Jones has a problem. This fixation on all things #2, and I don't mean the Highway, is going beyond bizarre.

August 21st, he wrote an Eskimos column titled "Soiled Stadium". The lede:
Danny Maciocia's biggest mistake as head coach last night was not bringing a pooper scooper to the game.

"Who am I kidding? We have a lot of work to do here," said the rookie head coach after his team soiled the sheets and the Commonwealth Stadium turf.

His concluding words on the Oilers after their loss to the Flames Thursday:
They've now officially taken over from the Flames as the Alberta team in deep do-do.

That's what this game was all about. The loser was going to leave here with you know what on their boots.

And, his assessment of last night's whupping at the hands of Colorado:
No rodeo or circus ever left the joint smelling like this. And it's been a while since the Edmonton Oilers messed their hockey pants like this, either. Rexall Place will likely be closed until further notice for fumigation.

Dude, get help! Or at least a thesaurus.


Good call!!

I like how you used the word "crap" in the title, too-- pretty clever...

I don't think these references are even meeting the Sun's fifth-grade reading level requirement.

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