Tuesday, September 27, 2005


"We dropped the gloves and that was it."

Friendly advice: if you don't generally read the comments at blogs, you should probably suspend that policy here, because you actually get more content, not merely pissing matches (although there's plenty of that, too).

Sacamano suggested in the comments here that if we rework the look of the page, we ought to include this picture:

Hands of cement, x4 Posted by Picasa

I couldn't agree more. It also occurred to me that we should change the tagline from "Hockey takes & trash talk [etc.]" to, "How's about you and me go for a ride in a canoe."

Buy Dave Semenko's rookie card on eBay here (1 bid, C $0.59).
Read about Tim Hunter's transformation into a computer geek here.
Source for quote in post header here.


Ah yes, that classic framed picture.
Growing up a few of my friends' dads had that in their rec rooms, usually next to a pool table.

Here's a question I dare pose:
What if, as an Oilers fan, I actually kind of LIKE the Flames?

I love the rivalry (once at a game screaming into the faces of a dad and son in Flames jerseys every time the Oilers scored, probably ruining their trip northward) but I'd like to see the two teams do well. The Flames run was impressive and I'd rather have them win instead of some fairweather Florida market team. After '04, Vancouver is my most hated team -- I mean, pick your villian, the affable Edmontonian Jarome Iginla or the borderline retarded manboy Todd Bertuzzi?

Anyway I probably outed myself as not a true blue Oilers fan. Please, help me make the hate come back.

That is a terrific quotation. I think I'm going to add it to my daily lexicon.

Geeeeze I love that picture....

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