Monday, September 26, 2005


Some Keen Observations

Brushback at sidearm delivery makes some keen NHL observations that made me laugh out loud:

"If Gary Bettman thinks it's a good idea to herald the NHL entering a brand new age in 2005-2006 with ads that look like one of Ratt's music videos from 1984, then good luck with that I guess. Seeing an ad of a woman in a locker room helping a hockey player get dressed reminded me of the promotional ads that the XFL used to produce, showing cheerleaders doing pole dances in the kitchen while chopping up cucumbers and crap like that. Hey, maybe Jeremy Roenick will wear a jersey this season that says "He Hate Me" on the back? Or (even worse) Keith Tkachuk wearing one that has a picture of a pot roast and says "He Ate Me" on it. Well, it was just a thought. "

"Speaking of thoughts, has anyone else besides me noticed that the URL of New York Rangers UK spells out "NYRangerSuk"? Okay, I was just asking."

As principle Skinner would say, "Ohhhh, mercy"


Thanks a lot for the mention!

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