Monday, September 26, 2005


"Don't get me mad. You won't like me when I'm mad."

The whupping laid on Brantt Myhres Friday at the hands of Big Georges brought to mind another Great Moment in BofA History (TM). Readers may or may not recall that when Stu Grimson was an up-and-coming goon, it was in the Flames organization. He spent a couple of seasons with the Gulls of the IHL, occasionally (mostly in exhibition games) tantalizing Flames fans with a willingness to Go Anytime, usually with pretty good success.

Then, late in the 1990-91 preseason (as I recall), the Flames played the Oil, and Grimson got absolutely, utterly pummelled by Dave Brown. He had been expected to make the Flames roster that year, at least as an occasional lineup insert; as a result of the beating (and consequent injuries), he never played another game in Flames colours. He was traded to the Hawks midway through the season, and went on to a decent career for a fighter (stat line: 729GP, 17G, 2113PIM).

Everyone loses a fight once in a while. But sometimes the circumstances (vs. a hated rival) and the decisiveness (say, a broken orbital bone) mean, that's it. I hope for Myhres sake he gets another chance, and has some success. I sincerely doubt it will ever be in a Flames uni.


Another interesting link is the fact that it was Laraque who ended the Grim Reaper's career with a beating in December 2001.

"The work with his fists is what ended his career, when his brain was rattled, while playing with the Nashville Predators, in a fight with Edmonton's Georges Laraque in December, 2001.

"Live by it, die by it," Grimson said. "It's almost poetic."

There was nothing poetic about his recovery.

For months, Grimson couldn't go for a 15-minute walk at the mall near his Nashville, Tenn., home without getting headaches or feeling sick. A year and a half later, he's worked his way up to a short workout on the StairMaster."

Apparently they are still good friends.

WOW. Awesome catch - that's incredible.

Speaking of BoA tough-guys, here is a nice interview with former Flame Tim Hunter. He talks quite a bit about his bouts with Semenko.

He also has this to say about current Oiler Mike Peca:

"I love that guy, he plays the game the way it should be played. The first game back from his jaw injury he nailed someone else and we had a big brawl."

Man, that's another awesome link. "Dave Brown was a serious threat to break your face as a fighter." No one else gets near that much respect in that interview.

Timmy Hunter really is one of the all-time good guys in hockey. A buddy got on the bus one Monday morning (Grade 5?) and couldn't wait to tell us about playing road hockey with Hunter the day before. Apparently, he was just driving by, unrolled the window and said, "Don't go anywhere", and was back 5 minutes later with a stick.

Agreed. It's tough to dislike Hunter.

Most Boston Pizza restaurants have copies of this photo, which is one of the all time greats. In fact, it might make a nice constant image for the BoA blog.

Hunter's smile in it is just classic.

It's funny, Georges is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He isn't Edmonton's favourite Oiler because of his hockey playing ability.

If I were playing road hockey and Tim Hunter told me he was coming back with his stick in five minutes, I'd probably remember having to be someplace else real quick.

If I was an Oiler fan and Tim Hunter told me that, I'm sure I'd react in the same way.

Kamloops own Stuey Grimson! It's hard to believe it's been so many years since he played... although at 36, he was one of the oldest guys still slugging.

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