Tuesday, June 07, 2022



 Told you so.

In the Oilers defence, no one could have guessed signing a 40-year-old Bill Randford clone and a 38-year-old Duncan Keith clone would come back to bite them in the ass. Oh, sure. We'll hear complaints from some really smart people who have watched this game a long time and understand the importance of not pissing away cap money on assets other teams aren't even interested in, but it's always easy to judge in hindsight. Fuck those nerds in their basements. 

Now Edmontonians can divert their attention to the things that really matter, like baseball and green onion cakes and fighting over bike lanes. Happy summer, fuckers. See you in another 30 years.


(Guess it won't be long) Next year, next year.
P.S.: anyway, now I remember why I couldn't stand the floppa avalanches

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