Monday, October 02, 2006


Good luck, Robimus

I like to think of myself as being about halfway between the two camps into which the Oiler universe has divided over Rob Schremp. I don't believe it was a blunder to send him down to Chattanooga or Schenectady or whatever the hell it says on his plane ticket. Schremp is as good a representation as you could find of what the AHL is for. But I don't believe he would necessarily embarrass himself as a PP/shootout specialist in the NHL right now, either.

What's interesting about Schremp's "failure" to make the team is that he worked hard, put up good numbers, quieted speculation about his skating, stayed out of machete fights outside Club Malibu, and didn't give any self-destructive interviews—and yet the decision to send him down wasn't really a tough one. I don't know about any of you, but looking forward from July I would have figured that if Schremp had a good camp, he was certainly going to qualify for the club strictly on the basis of talent (whether or not MacT & Co. chose to take the attendant risks). Then Mikhnov and Thoresen materialized out of nowhere in that eerie, Tolkienesque way. And I don't think you can possibly argue, given Mikhnov's Nimitz-class gifts and Thoresen's apparent ability to do everything up to and including repairing the Fanboni, that they didn't deserve to leapfrog Schremp on the depth chart.

I'm still waiting to pick up the paper one of these mornings and find out it was all a joke. "A Norwegian walk-on and a leftover from Marian Gaborik's draft year? C'mon, you actually fell for that?"


I'd really like to see Schremp prove he doesn't belong in the AHL the way that Getzlaf and Perry did last year for the Ducks. Basically he should go down and dominate then, I'm sure he'll be right back. If he can't do that... then it will be further validation of the decision to send him down for a while.

By the way, reports are that Dubnyk will likely go to ECHL Stockton. Am I the only one that sees that as a terrible waste. Honestly, seeing how well he (and for that matter even Deslauriers played in preseason) make me that much more uneasy about Roloson's hefty contract, considering he'll be 37 pretty soon.

Most rookies have to impress enough for their NHL teams to believe that they are 'NHL ready'. Schremp seems to have to be able to impress enough that MacT has no choice but to bring him up.

If Dubnyk's development stalls because he's stuck in the E, the lack of an AHL affiliate or even co-affiliation is going to really hurt the Oilers, maybe not now, but soon and for the rest of their lives...

Without a minor league team to call their own, the oilers are sort of stuck keeping Mikhnov around, if for no other reason to figure out if he is the next jagr or the next kim issel. throw in the whole culture shock thing and keeping him close for awhile seems like a smart move.
Regardless, schremp didn't look at any time like a guy who had to be kept on the team.

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