Sunday, October 01, 2006


Can't we all just get along?

Occasionally this site will receive an unwary visitor who doesn't understand why the intramural sporting rivalry between Calgary and Edmonton needs to be quite so bitter. Aren't we all Albertans? Shouldn't we remain united against the darkness and confusion lying without our borders? This is not really the place for those people to make their point, but they do in fact have one.

So in the spirit of collegiality I'd like to point out that there's an ideal winter sport for them to get behind this year—curling. This summer, Edmonton's two-time Brier champion Kevin Martin decided that he was tired of cleaning up in carspiels and then blowing the big silverware (or simply getting creamed in the fearsome Northern Alberta playdowns) year after year. With his eye on the 2010 Olympics, he shocked the curling world by remorselessly dismissing his longtime teammates and inviting Calgary's top curler, double world junior champ John Morris, to be his new vice-skip. The Highway 2 Super-Rink has got to be the unlikeliest tag team since X-Pac and Kane hooked up on WWE. But so far it seems to be working out pretty well.


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Martin will still find a way to blow it. He always opts for the impossible shot when an easier one would win the game.

I'll never forget him losing the Olympic Gold Medal against Norway because he couldn't make a simple draw.

1. K-Mart doesn't know which town he'll represent yet. He and teammate Marc Kennedy are from Edmonton, John Morris is from Calgary (well, Ottawa, really) and new lead Heebz is a Gapper. Battle brewing?

2. FYI Trivia: name a hockey team that goes curling once a year as a "team building" exercise. Answer: LA Kings.

Bonus answer: Nat women's team, too

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