Saturday, September 30, 2006


Moleeds in the desert

Regular correspondent A. Grabia asks in a comment thread why Georges Laraque was wearing jersey #37 when he scored the winning goal against the Oilers the other night. It seems Grabia has stumbled onto the truth: le GG's traditional #27 really is being kept aside for Teppo Numminen, the only NHL player to have also been a Marx brother.

I never did see the Laraque goal, but since Grabia brought it up, it's a useful example of why I may sometimes appear unusually confident when I'm writing about the Oilers. Part of the reason, of course, is that I'm an old bastard lurking around the Oilogosphere, the equivalent of a graying Pete Townshend trying to carry on a barroom conversation with the Sex Pistols. The Oilers were contenders continuously between the year I was taught long division and the year I was arrested for the first time; everything since is just a blur. I even still associate the name "Craig Simpson" with something other than ineptitude.

But part of it is just my unworthy instinct for conceptual compartmentalization. I can profess publicly that Laraque's goal was merely a welcome clearing of karmic accounts and that we should be glad it happened in the preseason instead of on February 27. At precisely the same time, despite the contradiction, I can lie awake shaking with rage because I suspect someone may finally have convinced or cajoled or even just asked Laraque to actually use his strength to attack the goalmouth after all these years. If you meet someone who appears to have more integrity about these matters than I do, it's probably because he does.


Cosh, you suck.

Anonymouse, you're a bag of douche.

Le GG's shift chart from that game looks pretty much the same as it did in Edmonton for the past couple years. The only difference is a couple of late 3rd period shifts, which MacT only gave him here if they were behind by 43 goals. His goal, the game winner, came with 4 minutes left. It makes me angry, because I've at least always felt that the only thing stopping the guy from getting 20 was some icetime, and some positive reinforcement. I tremble at the thought of him owning the piss out of us this year. Plus, it is wrong on so many levels to see him wear another jersey, rational arguments be damned.

Cue random Anonymous Comments generator:

"You are wrong. Kevin Low is awesome, scuknuts"

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