Thursday, September 28, 2006


Don't get up, Fenwick, I'll field this one

"It's not easy to anoint the NHL's best starting goalie" -Sports Illustrated headline
Assuming Allan Muir and his editor intended "anoint" as a metaphor for "identify," I have to say I'd be pretty cheesed if I were a Flames fan. On the other hand, maybe they meant it literally, in which case I can totally understand; Kiprusoff seems like a pretty easygoing fella but I wouldn't want to try sneaking up behind him and massaging a handful of scented grease into his head.


Lundqvist? Over Miller? No way.

Everything I ever needed to know about Allan Muir has been given to me in that picture. Hes how I'd imagine Melissa Etheridge as a Hobbit.

I'd take Lundqvist over Miller in an instant. Big game goaltender, can handle both high and low shot nights, really what else could you want? Miller arguably played behind a better defense and a better team and still had big ruts last season.

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