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Crap... so Lummer at CinO tagged me with the dealy, and I wrote up a pretty long one (lots of explaining myself) on Friday night. Then apparently, when Sacamano posted from Irkutsk, it just took over mine. Anyway, it's too much to start from scratch, but here's part.

Name your ten favorite athletes of all time.
  1. Charles Barkley
  2. Al Macinnis
  3. Juan Guzman
  4. Mario Lemieux
  5. Tim Duncan
  6. Daley Thompson
  7. Patrick Roy
  8. Beckie Scott
  9. Tom Watson
  10. Willie McGee
Honourable Mention: Joe Nieuwendyk, Jarome Iginla, Miikka Kiprusoff, Theoren Fleury, Gary Roberts, Jamie Macoun

Name three athletes you secretly like but are ashamed to admit to for fear of ridicule (current or all-time).
  1. Jaromir Jagr (I lie, I'm not ashamed)
  2. Mrs. Lowe (I was at one of her medal-winning performances and both medal ceremonies)
  3. Christian Laettner (Duke Blue Devils version -- I'm pretty positive this selection qualifies)
Fantasy Leagues: apparently I'm destined for feast or famine in these things. I won my NBA one (playoffs; 5/8 in the reg. season) and came 2nd of 20 in my NHL one. In baseball though, I'm T11th in a 12-team league (thanks for the company, Abboud!) and that's considerably better than I did in March Madness.

One Thing I'd Change If I Could: click through the pic of the Lenin statue in the post below. I'd have that review go the other way...


I too, at one time, was a Guzman fan. When I was about 13, we made a trip to Minneapolis to catch three Jay's games in three days.

A friend and I were staking out the players entrance to the stadium about 5 hours before the first pitch, and we were the only people around for miles. Guzman gets out of a cab, the jheri curl in all its glory, and we approach him for an autograph. He brushes past us, mumbling "not today guys, I'm pitching"

That was the day my bubble was burst regarding hero worship of pro athletes.

Daley Thompson?

I remember getting into a debate about which player would have a better NBA career - Laettner or Shaq. I argued Laettner since his smooth shooting style combined with his height would be ideal for 3 pointers *I bow my head in shame*.

Who doesn't love decathletes?

I guess, but who can identify any decathlete other than Thompson and (if you're over 30, maybe) Bruce Jenner?

Well, I listed Michael Smith. Without looking, there's also Dave Steen, a Canadian who got a bronze in Seoul (he lost to two doped up Germans), Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson and the Czech guy who was good in the late '90s.

That ain't half-bad, considering I watch decathlon relatively infrequently. I probably can't name that many Washington Capitals.

yeah, Michael Smith was the obvious one for me but that is because I am not too far from his hometown in North-Western Ontario. It's sad but the Washington Capital comment is pretty true...

I'm not convinced that Mudcrutch would recognize Michael Smith on the street even if the guy was carrying a javelin and wearing a number on his chest. But I could be wrong.

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